Gate D42 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol gains temporary RECO PP passenger lift and pedestrian platform

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is currently converting one of its gates on Pier D into a ‘bus gate’. On completion, passengers travelling from this point will be taken to the aircraft by passenger bus.

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Gate taken into service ahead of schedule

To ensure passengers can make their way to the bus unobstructed, the gate will be equipped with a passenger lift built by Kone, the lift manufacturer. However, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines asked Schiphol whether the gate could become operational ahead of the scheduled completion date of the passenger lift. At the request of Kone and Schiphol, RECO facilitated KLM’s request by installing a temporary passenger lift and a pedestrian platform. The RECO lift was assembled in a single night’s work, and subsequently fully integrated into Schiphol’s safety systems.

Platform for pedestrian access to temporary passenger lift

The RECO passenger lift has been temporarily installed at gate D42. To make the lift accessible from Pier D, RECO equipped gate D42 with a passenger-friendly pedestrian platform. To ensure passenger comfort, the platform is completely wind and waterproof. The platform also meets Schiphol’s fire and safety requirements.

RECO elevator shaft with small footprint

The airside area of the airport has very limited space . A significant advantage of the RECO lift is that its footprint covers no more than 7.2 m2, which means it takes up only very little of the scant available space.

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