Flat renovation in Utrecht was a success with GEDA '3-in-1' P18S temporary passenger lifts

At the Rooseveltlaan in Utrecht, three flats will be renovated by Plegt-Vos. Housing association Mitros has ordered Plegt-Vos to renovate all 174 flats here. The houses will be preserved on a large scale with improved insulation, new kitchens and new bathrooms. The staircases and the internal passenger lifts will also be renovated. Due to the renovation being done in an inhabited state, RECO Lift Solutions has provided six lift set-ups with GEDA P18S passenger-goods lifts. These temporary passenger lifts are public-friendly and thus allow both construction personnel and residents to safely use the lifts.

Plegt-Vos chooses GEDA lifts because of local success

RECO Lift Solutions has placed two GEDA lifts per flat on Plegt-Vos' instructions. Last year, another contractor made good use of our GEDA lifts at a similar renovation project in Utrecht. Due to it's success and popularity among the residents, Plegt-Vos wanted to place the same lifts at the Rooseveltlaan.

GEDA P18S: versatile and public-friendly

GEDA P18S lifts are particularly versatile and extremely suitable for renovation projects. They are easy to set up to great heights, offer enough lift capacity for building materials and comply with safety requirements for public use. Because these lifts are used for general public, construction workers and goods, we rightly call the GEDA P18S a 3-in-1 lift. Ideal for inner-city housing renovations in an occupied state. Read more about the GEDA P18S.

Complete lift service: from work survey to inspection

RECO Lift Solutions has provided Plegt-Vos with the full technical service for the lift set-up: from work survey to the commissioning of the lift. The lift arrangements have been worked out in advance by our lift consultant and finally, the GEDA lifts have been assembled by our own transport and assembly team. Finally, the lift has been inspected on location by the Lift Institute.

Compliments on the installation of temporary passenger lifts

Our client Plegt-Vos is very satisfied with the passenger lifts. "Regardless of the circumstances, the cooperation with RECO Lift Solutions was excellent. Both the residents and our own people make good use of the lifts and still comply with the corona measures," says Johan Roelfs, project coordinator for management and maintenance at Plegt-Vos.

Can we help you with temporary passenger lifts?

Currently, the renovation is in its final phase and the residents will soon be able to enjoy their comfortable homes with energy label A/B. Do you also have a project in which you renovate an apartment in an occupied state? Then take a look at our range of temporary lifts for rent or contact an advisor. With more than 1,000 lifts in stock, we have a suitable lift for your project to keep the homes accessible!

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