Temporary passenger lift by RECO used for Quality Airport Hotel near Norway Airport

Flight travel has dramatically increased throughout Europe in recent years. In response to this trend, European airports are expanding considerably. The local hotel sector is not lagging behind. This is certainly true of Quality Airport Hotel in Gardermoen. This hotel is expanding from 129 rooms to a total of 455 rooms. A total of 7,000 square metres will be added. RECO Lift Solutions is ensuring that guests will be able to reach their rooms comfortably during construction.

Alternative routing by temporary passenger lift

The hotel’s reception area has been relocated in conjunction with the building project. Consequently, the existing lifts are not accessible. A temporary 4-stop RECO PP passenger lift provides replacement capacity in the interim. This guarantees the trusted comfort of the Quality Airport Hotel is maintained for guests. ‘We appreciate the lift capacity and polished look of RECO’s lift cabin; it superbly meets the Quality Airport Hotel’s standards’, said Mr Leif Lans, who is the project manager for contractor BRG Gruppen.

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Plug & Play passenger lift

RECO adjusted the PP lift to the appropriate alighting heights in the Netherlands. A top entrance and exit was chosen at the customer’s request. The RECO lift was installed in less than an hour and the lift shaft was anchored to the existing building. The flexible exit landings were subsequently unfolded and the RECO lift was prepared for the installation inspection. This was carried out by the Norwegian inspection company Inspecta.

Noise levels under 45 dB

The RECO PP lift features a silent gearless drive with a speed of 0.8 m/s. In combination with the closed shaft, the noise level is kept to 45 dB maximum. This avoids noise nuisance for guests. During the rental period, the Schindler lift company will be responsible for first-line malfunction response. The RECO lift’s intercom is connected to Schindler’s central incident room. Following the installation inspection, the RECO lift was transferred to the hotel. Meanwhile, at the request of two customers RECO Lift Solutions is exploring temporary lift options for two new hotel projects in the centre of London and southern Germany.

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