Emergency lifts, stairwells and temporary entrance for residents after lift shaft fire in Arnhem

During the turn of the year from 2019 to 2020, a fire broke out at the entrance to a block of flats on Gelderseplein. As a result of the fire, the indoor lift malfunctioned. This caused a family to become trapped in the lift, with fatal consequences for the father (39) and his son (4). After this tragic event, the housing association immediately contacted RECO Lift Solutions to offer the residents an emergency lift as soon as possible. Together with RECO Holding, we have delivered a one-stop-shop solution; a complete temporary entrance with two emergency lifts and a temporary stairwell.

Housing corporation helped quickly with emergency lifts for residents

In order to restore the flat after the fire, the housing association called in the construction company Van Wijnen. The entrance, the stairwell and the lift shaft, among other things, suffered considerable damage during the fire and are in need of major renovation. Because many residents depend on a barrier-free route, RECO Lift Solutions installed the first emergency lift on 3 January. A second emergency lift followed in February.

Temporary entrance with mailboxes

As long as the entrance has not been repaired, the residents are using a temporary entrance with mailboxes to enter the flat and collect their mail. RECO Holding has placed a temporary unit as a hallway including post boxes. We hope this will make the situation easier for the residents while Van Wijnen completes the repair work.

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