RECO Lift Solutions installs emergency lift after lift shaft fire in Rotterdam Ommoord within 24 hours

After a fire in a lift shaft, housing corporation Vestia had an emergency lift installed at the affected flat in Rotterdam Ommoord. The fire caused the lifts to stop working for 90 households. When RECO Lift Solutions received the report in the early afternoon, our lift consultant immediately took stock of the situation. Within 24 hours, the emergency lift was on site and a few hours later, the temporary lift installation was ready for use. 

The complete emergency lift service consisted of:

  • The right emergency lift selected;
  • Transport by our transport service;
  • Assembly by our own lift mechanics;
  • Crane work with a crane from our supplier Blansjaar;
  • On-site inspection by Bureau Veritas.

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Rapid service possible thanks to good relations and unique emergency lifts

At RECO Lift Solutions, we are well prepared for calamities such as the flat in Ommoord. For over 20 years, RECO has been developing unique lift systems under its own management to deliver the best emergency lifts ever faster and safer. Does it turn out that a large crane is needed for the assembly? Then we have a national network of local crane suppliers. In Ommoord, we have called in our regular crane supplier Blansjaar for this purpose. This way we can quickly have a suitable crane set up throughout the Netherlands without extra transport costs for transporting your own crane. In order to have the emergency lift inspected immediately after installation, we also keep in close contact with the Lift Institute's inspectors. Thus, experience, technology and good relations make our fast emergency lift service possible.

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