Emergency stairlifts for schiedam housing corporation

On Friday, we received a call to urgently install stairlifts. The indoor lift of an apartment building had come to a standstill due to a defect. The delivery time of the broken part was approximately one week. As a result, disabled residents would no longer be able to leave the building. As a permanent partner, RECO Lift Solutions has installed 14 stair lifts within 24 hours so that the residents could remain mobile

Homes accessible again thanks to temporary stairlifts

To ensure that the residents could leave their homes again, RECO Lift supplied temporary stair lifts for 14 floors. At first, the installation lacked a suitable power supply. After a quick telephone call to the service engineer at the corporation, he was on site within 15 minutes to assist with the installation. On Saturday morning, all RECO stairlifts were ready for use again at 11:30. In situations like this, we always see how important good contact with the client is. Thanks to direct lines and internal flexibility, RECO Lift can act quickly in case of emergencies. Fortunately, the housing corporation was also able to switch quickly with the service engineer. Next week, the fault should be resolved. The stairlifts will then be dismantled and the residents will be able to use their indoor lifts again.

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