Emergency lift installed after lift malfunction in Emmeloord

A broken down lift is generally annoying, but for the residents of the fifteen Fokus dwellings at 't Revelsant in Emmeloord, a broken down lift was not at all convenient, as they use a wheelchair. The broken down lift was also the only lift in the building, which meant that they were chained to their homes. The landlord of the Fokus flats contacted us to install a temporary emergency lift so that the residents could get out again.

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Back outside thanks to a temporary emergency lift

The permanent lift in the building had been malfunctioning for some time, causing the residents to have problems getting out of the building. The director therefore decided to order a new lift to prevent this from happening again. Until then, the temporary emergency lift from RECO Lift Solutions can prove its worth and ensure that the residents can go in and out barrier-free whenever they want.

The residents have all indicated that they are very happy with the temporary emergency lift and the fact that a new lift will be installed which should solve the problem once and for all. "Wonderful! I can do my own shopping again. I don't have to ask anyone anymore," said one of the residents who used the emergency lift immediately after it was installed.

Source: De Stentor