Ease and comfort with temporary stairlifts at the Monarda housing complex in Dordrecht

In the Monarda housing complex in Dordrecht, it was time to carry out maintenance on the indoor lift. The homes and the complex are normally fully accessible to residents with rollators, but without a lift, the mobility of several residents is limited. For this reason, RECO Lift was contacted to rent temporary stairlifts. 

Temporary stairlifts and rollators

Our advice was: with two temporary stairlifts and a number of rollators supplied free of charge in the central stairwell of the housing complex, you cover the need. The stairlifts are a comfortable alternative for the user and are quickly installed. For the next few weeks, residents with disabilities can safely leave their homes while the lift is in maintenance. Our temporary stairlifts will be in use for 5 weeks.

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