CWC Ltd. utilises temporary passenger lift for pedestrian crossover at DLR’s Poplar station

Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd. (CWC) is currently upgrading the pedestrian walkway between the Canary Wharf financial district and Dockland Light Rail’s (DLR) Poplar station. In so doing, CWC hopes to accommodate the significant, anticipated increase in passenger traffic between Poplar station and Canary Wharf as a consequence of new office construction.

Increased pedestrian crossover capacity

CWC will increase the capacity of the stairs to the pedestrian crossover by 33%. The capacity of the existing passenger lifts will be increased by no less than 150%. During construction, a temporary RECO PP (Plug & Play) passenger lift will compensate for unavailable lift capacity, so that the crossover remains safely accessible and barrier free.

Independent setup

CWC laid concrete foundations for the RECO lift shaft. The elevator shaft was exclusively anchored to these foundations by RECO Lift Solutions. This means the RECO PP lift is entirely independent of the existing pedestrian crossover. At exit level +1 (crossover level), RECO made use of length-adjustable exit platforms. This system offers the advantage of giving engineers more leeway in terms of positioning the lift shaft during installation.

Second DLR station

For RECO Lift Solutions, this is the 2nd project where a temporary RECO PP passenger lift has been utilised at a DLR station. In 2013, construction company Laing O’Rourke (LOR) also opted for a temporary RECO passenger lift at DLR’s Custom House station. At LOR’s request, the PP lift then was fully integrated into the DLR safety system. RECO was able to utilise the same type of PP lift for this project at Poplar station as it did previously at Custom House station. This meant that relatively few adjustments had to be made to the RECO lift.

Fault service response by DLR

During the rental period, the temporary RECO lift will be ‘adopted’ by lift maintenance company DLR. This means that in the event of an incident involving the RECO lift, a DLR lift engineer will provide first-line support. If necessary, RECO Lift Solutions will provide support from its headquarters in the Netherlands.

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