Interbuild NV uses temporary passenger lift for healthcare company in Antwerpen

A healthcare company in Antwerpen has tasked Interbuild NV to construct 72 service flats, a day-care centre and an underground car park for residents and visitors in the Middelheimpark area. RECO Lift Solutions will support Interbuild NV by ensuring full access to the building in the period leading up to its completion.

Open days

In the run-up to the building’s completion (scheduled for the autumn of 2017), Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen is organising open days for potential residents. For this purpose, Interbuild NV has completed and fully furnished one of the apartments on the second floor. As the permanent passenger lifts are not yet completed, the building is not easily accessible for guests at present. To solve this problem, RECO Lift Solutions installed a temporary RECO PP passenger lift.

Tower crane

There was a tower crane available on the site to help install the lift shaft, which was removed from the trailer in Groenenborgerlaan and put into place in a single move of the crane. Underneath the spot where the RECO lift is now installed, there is a parking garage. In order to create enough load-bearing capacity there to carry the lift, Interbuild NV has created extra support by placing four jack posts right below it.

Inspection of installation by BTV

Once the shaft was anchored to the building and power connections were in place, the Belgian inspection agency BTV performed an inspection of the lift. The RECO lift is made exclusively of commonly-used lift parts,  allowing it to be serviced locally. For this project, lift company Technilift NV from Merchtem in Belgium will provide technical support if necessary.

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