Assen station fitted with two temporary passenger lifts & pedestrian walkway

Assen station is to get a new station building in a more metropolitan style. The triangular awning will link together the various components of the station.

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Underground bicycle storage

To avoid the station square from appearing cluttered, a bicycle storage facility is being constructed under the station that will accommodate no fewer than 2,600 bicycles. Travellers will be able to park their bicycles in the facility for a 24-hour period free of charge. The underground bicycle storage facility will also be guarded.

Temporary station building

The current location of the station building will soon make way for a road tunnel for through traffic. Consequently, the old station building with pedestrian tunnel will be demolished and a temporary station building erected. A temporary pedestrian bridge over the tracks will replace the tunnel. RECO Lift Solutions has fitted the pedestrian walkway with two temporary RECO PP passenger lifts to ensure it remains accessible for all users.

Lift foundation on central platform

One of the two RECO PP lifts has been placed on the central platform. For the foundation of the lift shaft, the client of Anton Rail from Obdam poured and installed a prefab lift foundation, after which RECO used chemical anchors to secure the shaft to the foundation. Both lifts were installed in just two nights.

Also install a temporary railway crossing?