Amsterdam metro uses RECO’s temporary GEDA P18S passenger lifts for renovation of Oostlijn

No fewer than 16 metro stations on the Oostlijn are being modernised in Amsterdam. The modernisation works, which began in March 2016, are being carried out by prime contractor Hegeman+ Beton & Industriebouw.

Maintained accessibility

An important condition set by the municipality of Amsterdam is that the platforms remain 100% obstacle-free for travellers during renovations. To ensure this, the new pedestrian walkway at Van der Madeweg station had to be fitted temporarily with passenger lifts. In consultation with Hegeman+, the use of GEDA P18S Temporary Passenger Lifts was identified as the optimal solution for this station.

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Logistical challenge

The metro station is very poorly accessible by mobile crane. As a consequence the required equipment could not be hoisted into position. Thanks to the compact, lightweight basic unit of GEDA P18S passenger lifts, the equipment was easily delivered by railway carriage during a nocturnal out-of-service period. Following on this, a Railcare railway crane placed the GEDA lifts on the platform. In only 2 nights of work, the pedestrian walkway was fitted with 2 GEDA P18S Temporary Passenger Lifts. Thanks to this, passengers experienced no inconveniences.

Custom job for temporary lift solution

The space needed for the Temporary Passenger Lifts was very limited. In order to fit the lift cabins, RECO Lift Solutions shortened them by about 35 cm at the request of Hegeman+. The finish was provided by RECO Montage Techniek from Koudekerk aan den Rijn, who placed Layher Allround stairway towers and platforms level with the lift ramps. Modernisation works at the next metro station (Spaklerweg) will start in December 2016.

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