Temporary mobility scooter storage hire

The mobility scooter is an important transport mode for disabled people to go from A to B. During lift malfunctions or renovations, it could well be the mobility scooter can’t go upstairs. For instance, because there's no space for a temporary passenger lift with a spacious cabin, or because of work activities in the walkways. During these situations, it can be convenient to rent a mobility scooter storage. This way, the mobility scooters are kept safe and accessible for residents. 

Parking the mobility scooter safely 

Residents want to be able to park their mobility scooter outside without having to worry about theft or damage caused by weather conditions. The storage unit is provided with an electric rolling door and a ramp with handrails. The roller door is secured with a code lock as standard. Do you want the mobility scooter storage to be locked automatically at night? Then you can set the timer. In the mobility scooter storage, there is room to store and charge 6 mobility scooters. So that the mobility scooter is always ready for use and residents can carefree to their destination.

Technical data: 

  • Dimensions: 600 x 244 cm
  • Ramp with handrails included
  • 6 charging points for mobility scooters and electric bicycles
  • LED-lighting in the storage facility
  • Automatic rolling door with code operation
  • Timer for automatic locking at desired time
  • Roller door can also be operated internally
  • Manual escape door fitted as standard

Temporary storage for every resident

The mobility scooter storage can of course also be used for storing bicycles. For instance, in Angelslo in Rotterdam, where lift maintenance was carried out. To keep the residents moving, we used one of our GEDA Multi Lifts in combination with eight stair lifts. Our temporary lift blocked the entrance to the bicycle storage. As a solution, a temporary mobility scooter storage was installed. This way, the residents were able to store their bicycles and mobility scooters safely! 

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