RECO Lift Assistance

Lift malfunctions and maintenance can raise questions from residents. Our lift assistant is there for them. At the start of a project, the lift assistant will knock on residents’ doors to inform them and answer any questions. The lift assistant helps out with daily chores which are hindered by the work activities. Things like doing groceries, getting the mail, or walking the dog. He/she takes on the role of a proper host by helping your residents with lift operations. 

Our lift assistants are always happy to help out all residents and visitors 

Your lift assistant is on location within 4 hours. Helpful, friendly, and caring are some of the characteristics defining our lift assistants. Every one of them aims to keep disturbances for residents to a minimum. Both in regulars flats and in housing complexes for disabled elderly people.  

Need a lift assistant now? Call 01480 - 475 377

A temporary best friend

The lift assistants are of great value for residents of housing complexes. For instance, for residents of the block of flats in the Van Randwijklaan in Amersfoort. Housing corporation Portaal commissioned us to build a temporary lift. In the meantime, a solution was needed for the residents dependent on the lift. 

Luckily, our lift assistant Rowdy is always there to help out. He was available throughout the day for residents and helped them out with their daily chores. Heri is another one of our lift assistants who can always be depended on. During the whole rental period in Waalwijk, Heri was available to the residents. He assisted the residents with operating the lifts, getting the mail and doing groceries. Our lift assistants are always happy to help out residents!