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No matter what kind of temporary lift you’re looking for, RECO Lift Solutions has it in stock. Offering 1,000+ temporary lifts and banking on experience of renting out temporary lifts for more than 20 years, we are the biggest temporary lifts rental company across Europe. Every temporary lift we use has its own speciality. We analyse your mobility request by listening to you and pick a suitable emergency lift accordingly. Our temporary passenger elevators are custom-made in house to suit your needs, so they always seamlessly fit into your location. We also work together with RECO Equipment Rental, so we’re always able to offer a complete solution. 

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Europe’s biggest temporary lift rental company

Offering more than 1,000+ temporary lifts, we have the biggest rental fleet of Europe. This means we always have a suitable temporary lift for you in stock. Do you need guidance picking the right solution? Our advisors are standing by, ready to help. Using their knowledge and experience, you’ll be mobile again before you know it. 

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In need of a passenger elevator and goods lift for construction?

Looking for a passenger lift/elevator for a construction project? Take a look at the passenger and good lifts range of RECO Equipment Rental!

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Emergency lift / elevator rentals to the rescue 

Every permanent lift is out of order now and then due to an emergency, malfunction or maintenance. This often leads to a restriction in mobility for the lift users. The restricted lift capacity can cause disabled residents to be homebound in their flats. It's not only inconvenient for residents, daily services such as parcel and meal services and care workers are also restricted.  

This is why it’s always recommended to install an emergency lift in case of outages, especially in the residential sector. This way, you ensure residents can leave their homes every day. And the RECO Passenger Lift is also big enough for emergency personnel to take stretchers with them. 

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Reliable passenger lifts / elevators thanks to assessment and 24/7 service

The temporary RECO Lift Solutions lifts comply to all safety regulations. Our patented lifts are certified and the passenger lifts are assessed at location by an independent Lift Institute inspector. In between deliveries our emergency lifts are always thoroughly assessed in our workplace to ensure you'll receive a safe lift and to avoid outages. 

Are you experiencing malfunctions with our temporary lift? You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If it’s not possible to resolve the issue by phone? We immediately dispatch one of our lift engineers. 

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