Commercial Lift Rental: temporary lifts for renovation projects

Mobility during renovation: commercial lift rental for residents and staff

In contrast with regular lift maintenance, flat, stairwell, or lift renovations often require a temporary passenger lift for a longer period of time. For residents, shopkeepers and healthcare centres, it's imperative the property remains accessible the whole period. Which is why RECO Lift Solutions rents various passenger lifts for renovation projects. The temporary passenger lifts we rent are suitable for nearly all heights and can’t be distinguished by users from permanent lifts.

During renovation projects we often rent a RECO 1.0 Passenger Lift. The commercial passenger lift usually is located at the facade of the flat next to the stairwell or walkway. Are the walkways or stairwell out of bounds during the renovation? In that case, we can work together with RECO Equipment Rental to install temporary walkways constructed from public-friendly scaffolding materials. Furthermore, RECO also rents several construction lifts for your vertical transport. This means you need only one partner for all your renovation equipment: RECO Lift Solutions. 

Let us keep your location accessible!

For residents

Residents getting in the lift cabin just like they’re used to.

For companies

A proper lift prevents dissatisfied customers and diminishing turnover.

For construction firms

With RECO lifts, you renovate without disturbing residents.

For property developers

Bespoke lifts and rental contracts, 24/7 service.

Commercial lift rental at Cliostede

For a major renovation at housing complex Cliostede in Eindhoven, Knaapen Groep was looking to keep the properties accessible using temporary passenger lifts. To limit costs, a temporary walkway was placed between every two stairwells with a RECO Passenger Lift. Both the walkways and the passenger lifts are used by residents and Knaapen Groep workers. To complete the installation, RECO also supplies user-friendly stair towers, emergency stairs, and fluorescent LED lights for orientation lighting. Read here about Cliostede.

Premier Inn London

In central London the transformation of a property to a hotel has been commissioned by hotel chain Premier Inn. Thanks to the phased build and the deployment of a 7-stop RECO PP Extended Passenger Lift, a large number of hotel rooms were earlier available for the guests.

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More mobility

The easiest lift installation for a temporary passenger lift is when the lift shaft can be placed directly against a stairwell or public walkway. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option. At Cliostede for example, there were no walkways available at all. And what if the stairwell itself is being renovated? In that case, RECO offers the additional equipment to custom-make the lift installation. From temporary storage for bicycles and mobility scooters to completely lit walkways. In need of an additional goods lift? Or would you like to outsource the scaffolding work? RECO can be your supplier and central contact. One family-run business for all your equipment.

Let us keep your location accessible