Lift rental for healthcare centers

Keeping your care location completely threshold-free for patients and staff

A care institution or hospital such as the Erasmus MC without functioning passenger lift is unthinkable. This is why RECO Lift Solutions rents temporary passenger lifts and emergency lifts for care homes and hospitals. Our temporary passenger lifts are completely within reach, accessible, and usable, and offer plenty of space for care staff with meal trolleys, wheelchairs, or stretchers. By renting a passenger lift or emergency lift, your patients and staff can keep using a threshold-free route while the service engineers can work without disturbances. In case of emergencies, RECO Lift Solutions is able to install an emergency lift and deploy lift assistance within 24 hours.

Our lifts always come with a mirror and folding chair. Because internal emergency buttons are often used in care institutions, the lifts can also come equipped with an additional emergency button. Are you dealing with a malfunction? Call our 24/7 malfunction service now. This way, your patients and staff can at all times use the temporary lifts when the normal passenger lift is out of order.

Let us keep your healthcare location accessible

For patients

From ramps to intercoms: we facilitate everything for patients.

For emergency services

Lifts without barriers and thresholds come naturally for us.

For your staff

Spacious lifts with easy controls, for example for meal trolleys. 

For healthcare institutions

Practical and flexible for long term maintenance planning, insurance, and more.

Temporary passenger lift for lift maintenance at Cardiff University Hospital

At the main entrance of Cardiff University Hospital (Wales), a lift shaft was modernised. Because the lifts were completely decommissioned, a temporary lift was needed. Cardiff University rented a threshold-free passenger lift from RECO Lift Solutions to keep the entrance accessible. 


Bespoke project for care home centre Topaz Foreschate

When it turned out that the lifts of the property needed to be modernised, Woonzorg Nederland rented a temporary lift for its residents for 6 weeks. As this property doesn’t feature open walkways, the front needed to be modified to keep every floor accessible. Next, all floor accesses were made weather and wind proof.

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Lift rentals for heights up to 3m: vertical platform lifts

In order to keep all routes at a care centre threshold-free, you can rent vertical platform lifts and wheelchair lifts from RECO Lift Solutions. You can quickly scale a small height up to 3m using a platform lift. These temporary lifts are equipped with a spacious lifting platform for mobility scooters and can be used inside and out. As the lifts are working independently and only require a 230V connection, they are installed rapidly and often without need for modifications in the surroundings. Would you like to know which platform lift is the best option for your location? Have a look at out platform lifts or request a non-binding quote now.

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Multiannual maintenance plan

At RECO Lift Solutions, we like to think three steps in advance. Which is why you can enter multiannual rental contracts and book temporary lifts for your multiannual maintenance plan. This way, you can schedule the maintenance slots for the coming years and already book the correct passenger lifts.

'No surprises, fixed prices, and one contact for the whole installation.'


More mobility

To guarantee threshold-free accessibility, RECO Lift Solution offers more than just temporary passenger lifts. At RECO Lift Solutions, you can also rent temporary mobility scooter storages, ramps, and pedestrian bridges to complete the temporary lift installation. Our workers prepare the foundation, adjust the facade if necessary, and install the lift. To conclude, you can also ask for a lift assistant from RECO Lift Solutions in case your residents would like assistance operating the temporary lift. This way, we take care of healthcare.

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