Temporary lifts and bridge rental for events

Lift rental and more mobility for a threshold-free event

Would you like your event to be an unforgettable experience? Make sure the public walkways and routes are well organised. Nothing annoys visitors more than queuing, long diversions, or walkways that are difficult to use. By renting temporary passenger lifts and pedestrian bridges at RECO Lift Solutions, you create a shorter route for your public. Not only do you increase the accessibility of your event, you also separate the visitors from the public space.

RECO Lift Solutions rents threshold-free passenger lifts with connecting pedestrian bridges and stair towers to enable a barrier-free route. As Europe’s biggest lift rental company, RECO rents large and small lifts for several applications, such as platform lifts, indoor lifts, emergency lifts, and spacious passenger lifts. To dot the i’s and cross the t’s regarding your house style and experience, equipment can be modified to fit your event. This is how RECO Lift Solutions completes your event.

Let us make your event accessible


For event visitors

Ease of use is the aim; threshold-free lifts the means!

For staff and emergency services

Lifts large enough for emergency services or roll cages with food.

For event organisors

A custom-made lift with your house branding or theme for your location!

For the immediate surroundings

Quiet lifts with minimum impact for the surroundings.

An unforgettable experience for everyone involved: 

Event visitors, staff, emergency services, event organisors and the immediate surroundings profit from our temporary lifts. We make every part of the event loction accessible.

At RECO Lift Solutions we strive for accessible locations, everywhere, for everyone! We make renting temporary lifts simple and easy. Need a temporary passenger lift? Call us and we place it in no time!

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Optimal passenger and goods flow with vertical platform lifts

When you quickly need to transport lots of goods backstage and you don’t have the space to place a ramp at every elevation, you can rent a vertical platform lift. These small lifts with large lifting platforms take up little space and only require a 230V connection. The lifts are ready to use in no time at all because they can be installed free-standing. With a lift capacity of 260-400kg, a spacious lifting platform and up to 3 metre lifting height, they're an excellent choice for goods transport around a podium, backstage, or for holding rooms. Do you need more capacity? Take a look at the vertical transport range of our partner RECO or request a non-binding quote.

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HMS Queen Elizabeth

At the official commissioning of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Queen was transported safely on board using our temporary passenger lift. The temporary lift was installed in cooperation with our UK partner RECO Hoist Hire.

Discover more projects


Viewpoint at Het Loo Palace

A full renovation of the Het Loo Palace while remaining accessible for the public. During the renovation of the palace, the visitors were treated to a unique viewpoint across the gardens thanks to RECO equipment. Het Loo Palace rented a temporary passenger lift with a public-friendly stair tower and balustrade. This is how we could offer a threshold-free route to the roof. 


Temporary lifts, bridges & more mobility for your event

Complete your public routes with RECO — the perfect place for bridge rental, temporary stair towers, and public-friendly scaffolding. The whole route will be delivered threshold-free and including public-friendly walkways and safe fencing.

You could also have a temporary viewpoint developed for your visitors. We’ve done this previously for projects such as the Het Loo Palace renovation. We not only make your event accessible, but can also deliver a unique attraction on location.

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